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Turning a hobby into a business

Over the years, being a business owner, people have often turned to me for advice. About how to start and when they have businesses, how to turn it into their full time gig. In the beginning , I was a little taken aback… why do they want me? I’m just a small fish… however as my business grew, so did the calibre if friends turning to me for advice. And somewhere along the line I have realised, yes I do know what I’m talking about. I started a business at 21 with no clue what I was doing and now, a decade later, I am heading a successful business completing hundreds of weddings each year.

As my brand has grown, and I have gained more experience and my knowledge on business ownership has expanded, I have become quite passionate about sharing this.

I love assessing their business strategies and applying the lessons I have learnt to their situations.

So this year I have decided to make a business change. I’m going to put all my knowledge to good use and inspire the next wave of florists, I’m going to assist anyone who is currently running a florist business and I’m going to do it in a fun, non confronting manor.

Online classes and tutorials are in the near future, along with many other exciting announcements.

First off we have three workshops announced for spring. Two half day workshops teaching and refining skills for wedding bouquets and wired work, and a full day workshop dedicated to the business side, specifically turning a hobby into a business.

Im so excited for this next step of my business journey and can’t wait to start spreading the love!


Gillian Pollard