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About us

Team Awesome

The Story

In 2009 Gillian Pollard Designs was born as a side project, doing a few small weddings for family and friends. More and more weddings followed and it has developed into a full-time operation, now run from our studio in Heidelberg West.

Gillian, together with her ever-growing team of staff they work hard to provide flowers that are not only fabulous but respect each client’s individual style and taste. The gang pride themselves on not being locked into one style.  From rustic vineyards and country locations, to formal inner-city establishments, each job we undertake has its own unique design brief.

The team certainly aren’t in this gig for the glamour (they all turned down lucrative modelling contracts), or the cruisey hours (I'm talking to you 2.45am market Thursdays, and Saturday midnight Bump outs) but the love and passion for what we do. As florists, we get the dirty end of the stick! It's cold cups of coffee, it's the dirtiest fingernails going around, it's never owning a clean pair of shoes, its months of planning to set everything up in one hour, but when we see the smile on your bride's face when delivering her bouquet, everything becomes worth it and you understand why we do it... For love.

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The Team

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Chief Floral Officer- Gill (boss lady)

The name behind the brand, Gill is super passionate about what she does. Every job she takes no matter how big or small get the same amount of attention and dedication. Gill has been in the game since the tender age of 16 and it wasn't long before she realised that she needed to start her own brand. Anybody who has been blessed enough to meet Gill will know that she likes things done a particular way: her way. So it is no surprise she loves running her own business. Being able to have full creative licence over the vision has enabled her to build the brand the way she likes, select the team she wants and love what she does. 

Favourite part of the job: The smile on our clients faces on wedding day! 




Senior Florist- Bec (Not becky)

The most experienced of the bunch. Bec started her floristry career at age 3 (it's the only way we can figure that she has 20+ years in the biz!).  With all that experience it is no wonder that Bec is a wedding and events genius. Her fast and efficient work manor makes her a Speedy Gonzales with a set up. She runs up and down a ladder like no one else and has completely mastered the "randomly styled" aesthetic so many of our clients crave. As part of the team Bec assists on all weddings along with coordinating her own jobs. You can check out her insta here.

Favourite part of the job: Adult conversations away from her toddlers at home!



senior florisT - rach (with the good hair)

Our resident artist Rachael is an all round creative... Finding floristry after her successful merchandising career. She has taken to it like a duck to water. Rachael is a wedding whiz. Every week its the same thing...."I LOVE THIS WEDDING...MY FAVOURITE YET!!" ...whilst we applaud her enthusiasm we wonder if it will ever end? NEVER! The passion she brings to the job is infectious and all our clients agree. As part of the team Rach assists on all weddings and along with coordinating her own jobs. You can book check out her insta here.

Favorite part of the job: Wolf whistling to blokes from the flower van.



Studio lady- Bee (busy beaver)

Two years ago Bianca came to us as a client.....and she has never left! Maybe she forgot where she lives? Or maybe she LOVES what she does! Bianca does EVERYTHING for us. She coordinates all the vases, props and candles, she paints things, she writes pretty signs, she organises the workroom, she goes on numerous sourcing expeditions, she drives to the hills to get our last minute orders,she packs the van like no other, she is also a darn good stylist on her own right.

Favourite part of the job: Ah dah....... The macca's trip on the way home!


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office wizz - Nic (queen of the diary)

The (self-proclaimed) non-creative Nicole is your first port of call. We don't hold it against her as she spends her work day locked in the cupboard under the stairs making phone calls and sending emails. She is the scheduler, the emailer, the one who takes your calls and the one to keep the creatives on task.

Favourite part of the job: Of course, working for her super talented (and better looking) little sister!



All our beautiful images were captured by the fabulous  Elsa Campbell Photography